Born from an idea by Luciano Benetton in 2006, Imago Mundi Collection is an encyclopedic catalog of global contemporary artistic production that presents the works of over 26 thousand artists – established and promising young artists – from more than 160 countries and native communities of all the continents.

Interviews with artists and curators

For the Imago Mundi Collection website and communication, I have been conducting and shooting interviews with more than 50 artists and curators from all over the world.

Marinella Senatore, artist (Italy)
Stadium by Maurizio Cattelan / Benetton Rugby vs Senegambia
Takwa Barnosa, artist (Libya)
Selçuk Demirel, artist (Turkey)
Keita Miyazaki, artist (Japan)
Alfred Tarazi, artist (Lebanon)
Luciano Benetton
Amanullah Mojadidi, curator (Afghanistan)
Tagreed Dargouth, artist (Lebanon)
Anw-ko'art Centre, Bamako (Mali)
Chiara Pirozzi, curator (Italy)
Aboubakar Fofana, artist (Mali)