⸺ Synopsis

For Julien Blaine, Giovanni Fontana and Sarenco art has a liberating power and the ability to subvert tradition by going beyond the limits imposed by conventions. In the documentary with the three artists, their relationship with visual poetry has been recounted since the early 1960s, trespassing in sound poetry and performance.
The documentary is part of the “Poetic Boom Boom” exhibition, dedicated to European Visual Poetry, and exhibited at the Galleria delle Prigioni, Treviso, from 13 December 2018 to 7 April 2019.

Julien Blaine
Rognac (France)

Giovanni Fontana

Vobarno (BS)

⸺ Additional credits

Interview with Sarenco
Author: Stefano Ribaldi
Shooting: Mario Pantoni

Videos and archival materials

Poem Bonotto
by Giovanni Fontana
Bonotto Foundation, Luigi Bonotto Collection

Selfishness (1962) by Bohumila Grögerova and Josef Hirsal
Les accident de la glotte en mai 2004, Henri Chopin
interpreted by Giovanni Fontana
Morra Foundation of Naples

Sarenco video film
National Film Library

Drôle de Zèbre, Espèce d’ne
by Julien Blaine
J. F. Meyer Gallery and Films de L’Aire

Sarenco Foundation
Oriano Mabellini
Berardelli Foundation
Parise collection
Alessandro Mistrorigo