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"After Jugo" is a multimedia documentary Schweiz reportage about life in Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a project about a generation which is 'in between': people born in the 80s remember the war very well but they were too young to fight in it (and so they are not as obsessed by Billig it as the older generations). Another reason why I wanted to focus on that generation is also because in the short term they will be involved in building the future of their country.

After the war ended, everybody in Europe considered the conflict in the Balkans to be resolved but the break-up of a country brings changes and tensions that last for many years. And too often the media and the citizens of the neighbouring countries forget what happened and do not know how CH the society is recovering and how individuals are living.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina there are still strong ethnic tensions and many economical problems. The unemployment rate, for young people between 15 and 30 years old, is near 60% and those who want to go and live abroad are almost 70%. The western Balkans form a fascinating land with Sneakers strong contrasts, to which the media often gives little attention if none at all, especially considering its proximity to Western Europe.

“After Jugo” started as major project for the Master Outlet in Photojournalism and Documentery Photography that I attended in London during the course of 2009.

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the author

Marco Pavan, b. 1984, Italian, has been working as freelance photojournalist for some Italian magazines before moving to London and attend the MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at LCC.

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I have never been to Sarajevo before the summer of 2009, the time when all the information included in this website were gathered. It was long time that I wanted to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the curiosity of seeing and knowing a bit more about a place close to where I lived (Northern Italy) and because, while I was travelling to its neighbouring countries, I never managed to get to the center of the region.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me to get this project done (in no particular order): Samir, Rizvan and the Velahavle, Francesca, Ivana, Ivona, Mersiha, Hazim, Nedim, Paul, Amer, Jasminko, Isabella, Kemal, Jan, Jelena, Azra, Deni, Boris, Daniele, Šimo, Goran, Danijela.

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© Marco Pavan, 2009
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