It's my personal opinion: young people in Sarajevo are too lazy, they are just sitting in the cafés.

Mersiha works for Obrazovanje Gradi BiH (OGBH, Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina). It is an association that, as they state in their website, "was formed in 1994 as non-goverment, non-political and non-profit organization with main target to give moral and material support to children that are victims of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the years 1992 to 1995, to children with special needs and to talented children".

Jovan Divjak, who now is in his seventies, is the chief director OGBH. He is very popular and known all over the country and abroad, because he is a Serb general that during the war decided to stay in Sarajevo to defend the city and declares himself simply a Bosnian. After the war he founded the association to help the children who suffered during the war.



© Marco Pavan, 2009
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