Things are moving forward. Slowly but forward.

The Velahavle started playing in 1999. They are Dzaana (drums), Rizo (keyboards), Arma (guitars), Sake (Vocals, Sinth) and then three or four musicians during live acts. They learnt to play during the war, while they were kids, because there was nothing else to do.
Today they are about to record their second album. They usually meet for rehearsals in an ex warehose in Novo Sarajevo.
They think that there are many countries where is harder to live than in BiH, and even there people still manage to work it out. Actually, they thought that,after war some changes would occur much sooner but it is going slower than expected.
They think that people who don't pay attention to religious matters and background are still a minority in Bosnia.
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© Marco Pavan, 2009
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