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Sara and Silvio have left their jobs as employees to start a new life in the high mountains. They have taken over the management of a CAI refuge, the Italian Alpine Club, which is located in the heart of the Dolomites, at 1911 meters above sea level, and can only be reached on foot.
Filmed in autumn and winter in the Marmarole group, the documentary tells the story of the commitment and passion of the two managers to keep it open even during the cold season.
Frost and snow bring new difficulties: you have to ration the water which is limited and organize refueling by helicopter when the cableway is not usable.
But life in a refuge also guarantees a certain freedom and independence which leaves room for personal passions: climbing and ski mountaineering.
It is the cross-section of a cohesive community, where mutual help is fundamental to guarantee life in the mountains. It is young people like Sara and Silvio, passionate and tenacious, who ensure the future of the alpine refuges in these valleys.