Stadion Koševo: FK Sarajevo vs Veleš Mostar


Koševo stadium was opened in 1947 and then refurbished for the famous Winter Olympics of 1984. And then renovated again after the war, in 1998. During the war, the training pitches besides the stadium were used as a cemetery, and now many white Muslim tombs stand near to it.
The sadium is the home of FK Sarajevo, which, with FK Zeljeznicar, is one of the two top-league teams of the city.
Another team plays in East Sarajevo: FK Slavija (, in Cyrillic).

Sometimes, football matches show the tensions that still divide Bosnia and Herzegovina. During some matches, group of supporters of different teams clash against each other, like everywhere else in the world. But in Bosnia these clashes often have a nationalistic connotation and the reason of the violence is the ethnic background of the supporters, which depends from where the team
comes from.


© Marco Pavan, 2009
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