Sarajevo is a place where lots of cultures are mixed, I think you can feel it.

Jasminko studies management at the University of Sarajevo. He is proud of his city and is writing a book about it in collaboration with five other authors.
He thinks memory is important, above all to avoid war from happening again. When the municipality started refusbishing the street, they covered the 'roses'. Jasminko, in a public letter that arouse a big protest, asked to keep them as they are to remember the past.
Jasminko is also a fan of the football team FK Sarajevo. He used to go every sunday to the north sector of Koševo stadium where the supporters group of the Horde Zla gather. Today he still goes to see the matches, but from the much quieter western sector, still showing a strong support for his team.

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© Marco Pavan, 2009
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